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So, what is the science of astrology?
Most people consider astrology as the 12 signs of zodiac and horoscopes that can be read in newspapers, magazines and the Internet. is abundant in Internet, fashion editions and numerous sites. You have probably read and been amused that if you are Pisces then this month will bring you success and money, while being a Taurus promises love and a serious relationship. If everything was so simple there would be only 12 types of people on the Earth from Aries to Pisces, and understanding the depths of human soul would be extremely easy. But a deeper understanding of professional astrology shows that this is much deeper and more interesting. Perhaps no surprise then that Kings and Queens, and even modern day political leaders rely on astrology to guide their most important decisions.
Accident or Destiny?
Each of us is born in a certain country, to a certain family, and on a certain date and time. Is it a lottery or part of some deeper plan? But avoiding the philosophical question, one thing is abundantly clear; at the moment of our birth the planets (we shall use the five planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn) as well as the Sun and the Moon are in a certain position, degree and sign. It is the position of these celestial bodies that determines our destiny, character, health, abilities, talents and even the appearance.   For those skeptics who believe this has no influence on us, I ask; how many of you and your friends suffer poor sleeping when a full moon occurs? Another question for which there is no scientific answer; how is it possible that some identical twins who share genetics, nurture and nature, be so different or so similar? An astrologer can explain this is due to the different time of births, where even 5 minutes can change the natal chart significantly.
Natal chart and how astrologist or tarologist can help
Having created a Natal chart of a person according to his/her date of birth, the skilled and competent astrologer is able to see your weaknesses and strengths, talents and inclinations, relationships with other people, forecast the major events in your life and provide recommendations for the forthcoming solar year. The solar year begins either on the eve or on the natal day of every person.   This knowledge and understanding offer hope for the future and confirm that our world is not random and that events are not accidental. There are events in the life, which should be lived through and used as a lesson, so that we can move on to the next chapter of our lives.

Forewarned is forearmed. With advance knowledge and a guide, difficulties are easier to cope with, while the joyful moments are experienced more vividly because we begin to realize that events can be predicted and while perhaps not always avoided, we can prepare.

Yours Iryna Giblett (Astrologist, psychologist, Simbalon consultant)

Influence on destiny
It is known in quantum mechanics that the presence of an observer or experimenter can influence the experimental result. Using astrology and being aware of future events in our lives also allows us to influence the outcome. Using the astrological Horary chart, dates can be found to start a new business to increase the possibility or  success, or if we know that our relationship will reach a critical point, we can plan for the possible outcomes. While the Natal chart helps us understand a person’s character and can be used to recommend career choice and love partner.
How it works?
Many non-believers tend to ask – how can it work? How is it possible that the planets being so away from us can influence our lives? Can we change something? There are many mysteries in life and religion, the human body is largely unknown despite all the advances of science and today the existence of black holes and parallel universes are accepted in astronomy, but would have been derided 50 years ago. All scientific breakthroughs start with a question, which then has to be proved. If you are ready to ask the questions that are important in your life, we can prove that astrology does work and can become a lifelong adviser and guide.

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