Liliya Vikulova

Liliya Vikulova is arguably the leading expert of astrology in Ukraine. The Principle of the ARGO since 2010, where she teaches Horary astrology. Liliya has received a higher education in economy and is a talented pianist. Liliya studied at the Moscow Academy of Astrology, defended her diploma in 2000 and studied under М.B. Levin, S.V. Shestopalov, Y.Oleshko. Main areas of interest are the use of astrology for practical applications and publicly demonstrating the possibilities that professional astrology offers. Liliya is an adherent of the Western traditional astrology.

Astrological practice as consultant since 2000.

Liliya created her astrological consultancy in 2000 and has provided education since 2010. In addition to training and mentoring Iryna, she has educated students from Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, Germany and Italy.

Liliya adheres to the following rules during consultations:

fewer psychological portraits and more facts, answers to specific questions, and correct predictions for real life practical situations, rather than other mystical discussions.

Teaching practical

application of astrology and its benefits in life are Liliya’s life work. High professionalism, sincerity and honesty are considered to be the main merits of an astrologer.


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Lilia Vikulova, in the TV program "Medical Astrology"

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