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Horary astrology is one of the most interesting segments of the astrology because it provides answers to questions from any sphere of life.
For example:
- Will the new business be successful?
- Should I start this relationship?
- When will the lost object be found?
- Should I sell my apartment now?
- Will the medical operation be successful?
- Will I find my soul mate soon?
- Astrological prognoses for month, year
- Horary Astrology. Ask astrological question

The possibilities are endless because Horary astrology will answer any questions. The main point to understand is that the exact date, time and place that the question is asked has to be fixed because the astrology will use this information to create a chart for that specific place, date and time.


There is usually something behind these questions, and the Horary questions are quite frequently entwined with the questioner’s astrological birthday chart. An astrologer who has studied and is competent in Horary analysis is able to answer any question that is important to you. Not all astrologers offer this as a service because it is a specialism that takes years of additional education and practice.


Famous masters of classical astrology, such as William Lilly and others were able to reliably estimate what happened to a missing person on the basis of a Horary question. This technique is also available for modern astrologers.

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