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Employee selection for companies

We provide a personality analysis on the potential employee, identify potential strengths, weaknesses and compatibility for the role.

Choosing the best date for events

Assistance in selecting the most successful dates for different events: weddings, business start, medical operation, conception of a child, etc…

Career and education guidance

Best choice of education for children and profession for adults to achieve personal satisfaction and/or financial success. Guidance on specific employment offers.

Pregnancy and childbirth

Optimal dates for conception and probable date of birth. Potential issues of conception and childbirth.

General consultation on personal life

This consultation is focused on the search for the “soulmate” or detailed analysis of relations with a potential partner. Analysis of horoscope love factors, determination of the causes of failure in relationships and the strategies to overcome them. In addition, you will receive a description of the most suitable partner (male or female) for marriage […]

Horary astrology

This astrological technique is concerned with providing an answer to a specific question. Consultation on any issue. The astrologer will inform you how the situation will develop in the near future with regard to the given issue.

Chart of compatibility

This analysis will provide information about your current or future husband, your partner and your relationship with him. You will receive a detailed description of astrological compatibility; strengths and weaknesses, potential issues and possible methods of resolution. You will be informed if the relationship is likely going to develop and result in marriage, or separation.

Individual astrological prognosis of next 12 months

Detailed individual astrological prognosis covering all spheres; work, family, personal life, children, health. Description of the general tendencies of the forthcoming year and possible significant events.

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