How often do we hear these expressions:

You have an excellent biochemistry or this person positively influences me, or I feel this man high-pressures me, etc.

Why do we enjoy to associate with some people or even fall in love with them, while with others we experience quite different, sometimes the opposite emotions and feelings?

We create personal Horoskope of compatibility with your partner, description of your future partner

Astrology: Personal Horoskope of compatibility

In the world of psychology, we would be told that we are turning to the most appropriate psychotype and avoiding the one that has a negative impact upon us.

In astrology they would say that you have good or poor synastry, i.e., compatibility, or sometimes “none at all”, when we take no notice of a person.

Why is it that we have chemistry with some people and others we struggle to understand? Why do some people find long-term love from a young age and others go from one relationship to the next?


In astrology, this is defined as Synastry and we are able to make a synastry chart that describes the compatibility in love and business relationships; it may be even used to select future employees or business partners. Using these charts, an experienced astrologer can interpret areas of harmony or disharmony, or aspects that are neutral, and make appropriate recommendations.

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