Iryna Giblett

My name is Iryna. Although I studied as a Microbiologist and worked in a government health laboratory for some years, life has taken a variety of turns and twists, some good and others difficult. I have been married, divorced, had good health and bad, have a child, struggled to make money and enjoyed success, started businesses in three countries and now live happily married in Germany.

I always believed that life is a journey that is intended to develop us and that things happen to us in life for a reason. I have always been interested in the riddles of the universe, but could not find answers to my numerous questions, such as – why one person has no problems in their relationship, while other people go from partner to partner unable to find his or her soulmate. Or why someone finds their way in career or business easily, while others struggle and change direction many times.
Of course, we can say that we are the creators and designers of our lives, and suffer or enjoy the consequences of our own choices. This is true, but only to a certain extent. Sometimes the circumstances or the fate, if you wish, interfere in our life.

It was prepared for us by one of Swiss astrologers and ran about our compatibility for family life. I found a lot of information in this book that in fact was correspondent to reality. The above stimulated my interest even more. Acquaintance with ancient traditional astrology, one of the founders of which was Claudius Ptolemaues, an outstanding astrologer, whose works are still widely used by the traditional astrologers, has become the pivot point in my life.

My doubts concerning the truthfulness of futurology and predictions in various spheres have persisted for quite a long period, until I personally realized that astrology is in fact an extremely powerful predictive instrument allowing to see even the events of a distant past. It was unbelievable, but I could see the periods of important events in the charts of my friends and relatives.

I forecasted the events and was surprised to see them happening. Then I started to analyze the past events according to various native charts and check myself. For instance, could I see the period of marriage or the birth of a child, or removal? It was unbelievable – my predictions were confirmed.

After my studies I realized that the planets most definitely determine our life, and if you were born as a bird you would never become a fish:-) However, not everything is so fatal, as many may think. There is a fate corridor, where a person can vary and modify. Do you remember a quantum mechanics experiment? The experimenter influences the experiment result!

Therefore, my dear reader, your responses to the events in your life are in your hands, and sometimes one and the same life lesson can be passed with the least losses and defeats. I sincerely wish you to find your way and achieve the harmony of life!

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